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Skincare: Greenwood Organics Facial Oil

I've always been a little wary of beauty oils - I've always associated them with breakouts or greasy hair. I came round to hair oils after trying the Moroccan Oil and never looked back. I've been a little slower on the uptake of facial oils however, I've always been very preoccupied having a matte finish on my face and using an oil seemed to be counter productive to this. Oh how wrong I was.

My first step into facial oils was the lovely Frankincense & Argan Facial Oil from Greenwood Organics (link here). It has a handy pump that actually pumps out a perfect amount of product (sometimes I find the pumps can give you way too much!). I massage it onto my face and neck and it sinks in really nice and quickly - it didn't leave my skin oil slick-y at all! This oil did have quite a pungent smell to it, very herby, but that faded after a few minutes. I like to put it on at night, after I've removed all my make-up, and in the morning I wake up with lovely soft skin which is full of moisture!

Also what is notable about this brand is that everything is organic (duh, it's in the name) and everything is handmade in the UK. Not many beauty brands can say that these days so I think that is pretty cool! Ok patriotism over, here's the link to the website if you want to have a look:

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