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Lifestyle: Resolutions!

So 2013 is now three days behind us and 2014 is well and truly here. For the first time I feel particularly positive about the new year and I'm really looking forward to what it has in store for me. As is the the (some may say annoying) tradition goes, it is also time for resolutions. 
I'm not really one for airy fairy philosophical goals, I'm more of a fan of practical and tangible resolutions and seeing as this is a beauty and fashion blog I'm going to give mine a beauty-y and fashion-y slant. 

- Be more considered and classic
I'm hardly that out there when it comes to clothes and beauty however this year I want to have more of a considered think before I buy anything - this applies more so to clothes for me. At the moment I have a muddled mix of clothes which separately are fine but when it comes to making outfits everything gets a lot harder. 2014 is (hopefully) going to be the year of the capsule wardrobe, where anything matches everything. Watch this space!

- Find and stick to an anti-ageing routine
2014 sees me becoming 24 (in three weeks in fact) and I think now is the time to start considering adding some anti-ageing products into my current skincare routine. I'm not really scared of ageing effects as I hope to age gracefully in the future and embrace my wrinkles and grey hair. However I think a few tweaks can be made to how I look after my skin now which will hopefully make the process go a little smoother.

- Don't buy crap jewellery
I'm really sick of jewellery either tarnishing or turning my skin green so this year I'm going to try and stop buying lots of cheap jewellery and opt for buying just a few more quality pieces. This doesn't mean spending the big bucks, I'm thinking more sterling silver and gold plated bits. The only exceptions I will give myself is big statement necklaces though I think the trend is going to turn to more delicate jewellery anyway this year.

- Cut my hair
I really really really want to cut my hair to a long bob (yer yer, like everyone else at the mo) but I'm currently too chicken. Some point this year I need to pluck up the courage to do it. Snip snip!

- Keep my nails nice
I'm awful for having chipped nails - this has to stop in 2014. I just want to be that well presented girl who always has amazing shiny painted nails. I will do it this year, I will!

- Be a mixture of Olivia Palermo and Millie Mackintosh and Jennifer Lawrence
....well I'll give it a go!

LV x

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  1. Haha, the lasts one! Brilliant! x

  2. Don't buy crap jewellery needs to be on my list too! Happy new year x

  3. Love these x Fab blog - best of luck x I too have made some NY resolutions - one of which is to 'Spend Less and Wear More'. I've even started my very first blog in the hope that blogging will help me stick to them!


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