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Hair: New Hair!

Well I did it, I went for the chop! I must say I have never been so excited and happy with a haircut. I think it was the combination of having something rather different done and also going to an amazing hair salon with an amazing hairdresser.

So I'd seen this cute awkward midi length 'do on many a celeb (Olivia Palmero, Emily Blunt, Millie Mackintosh to name a few) but then I saw Lily Melrose had gone for the chop and that cemented it - I needed it done.

So next was to find somewhere to get it done. I'm not loyal to any hairdresser, I'm a hairdresser hussy. I've just never been overly pleased with what I've come out with when I've left the many, many salons I've visited. So I got onto google and did some research - 'best hair salons in London'. I came across Charles Worthington's lovely salons and one of my work college happened to a 20% voucher for their Percy Street salon so I was sold!

I went for a consultation a few days before (because I was a scaredy-cat) and met my hairdresser - Linda. I had brought A LOT of photos with me and she got straight away what I wanted and even gave me great advice on my colour (so much so I booked up a colour appointment with her as well). We went for a blunt-ish cut with long layers and some short bits at the front. I had some of my own hair colour (ash-y light brown) put through my hair along with some more bleach to break up the 'line' that I had where my old highlights were growing out.

I was and am so freakin' pleased with it! I can't wait to buy lots of new accessories and try out lots of new styles. So...what do you think?

LV x
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  1. looks lovely! :)
    ! took 'a chop' to the extreme and got a pob.. which i regret.
    I can't wait for it to get to this length.


  2. Gorgeous, absolutely love it, 2014 is definitely the year of short hair :)


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