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Lifestyle: The House of Rush Salon Review

Oh hey there, haven't seen you guys for a while. So I have been somewhat absent for a while, I wish I could say I was doing something interesting - in actual fact I have been reassessing my life (money, career, relationships - some deep shit). Now however I am ready and raring to get back involved in blogging - I have some fun events coming up and I've been trying out some lovely new products (and some not so lovely ones) so there will be lots of posts in the near future. 

Something exciting that did happen during my absence though was that I had my first ever massage. The lovely people at Rush (where I got my hair beautifully done: see this post) gave me the opportunity to try one of their treatments at their flagship London salon 'The House of Rush'. I chose a full body massage because I'd never had one before and it wouldn't normally be something I'd treat myself to. 

I arrived at the salon, just by Piccadilly Circus, after a long day at work and I was excited (and just a little nervous) about my first massage experience. I was greeted by some friendly staff who took me upstairs to a comfy seating area where I lusted over some lovely beauty products that were on display. There was a lively and bustling atmosphere in the salon but as I was lead towards the sectioned off treatment rooms it became tranquil and quiet. 

At this point I got nervous - I realised the time to take off my clothes was getting close. Don't get me wrong, I'm not prudish - I just get really worried about getting naked at the wrong time...or getting too naked and looking like a weirdo. Thankfully Mel, who was doing my treatment, was really friendly and made me feel at ease. Plus I pretty much realised that it is near impossible to not feel a little awkward when a beautician returns to the room and you only have a towel to cover your modesty - so I just went with it.

Having a relative stranger rub your legs, arms and back takes a little getting used to but once the soothing music was on I really relaxed and was pretty much in heaven. The best part was when the beautician did my back and neck. I sit at a desk from 9-5 and I'm pretty sure I don't sit correctly so this was great for getting rid of my knots. 

The whole treatment lasted for just under an hour and was pretty much amazing. I felt as if all the tension had been taken away from me, my shoulders felt as if they had dropped substantially lower - I was very impressed. I'd highly recommend giving The House of Rush a visit, the salon was not at all pretentious or intimidating but it still felt really luxurious and would be the great place to go for a little treat or pick me up. 

LV x
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  2. wow this salon space looks so sleek and sophisticated, love the design and decorations <3

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