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Hair: Rush Salon Review

On that extremely snowy day a few weeks ago I traipsed through the snow and battled train delays to get my hair done at Rush's Oxford Street salon. This just shows how desperatly I needed my hair done (I was accidentally ombre).

As anyone who's been to Oxford Street knows - it is very busy and very hectic. However walking into the Rush salon is a lovely change of pace; you can still see the hustle and bustle but you are greeted with a comfy chair, a hot drink and a magazine - perfection! 

My hair dresser was Laura, she was great a letting me ramble on about what I wanted my hair to look like and then explain it back in a succinct and understandable way. I went for half a head of highlights (with a mixture of bleach and a dirty blonde/brown) and a tidy up of my ends with a little more hair falling at the front. 

I then sat back and caught up with some celebrity gossip and real life stories as I sipped on herbal tea and had a bit of a chat with Anna about the snow. The salon itself is pretty simple and not overly luxurious but that is reflective in the price - a half head of highlights is £86 and a cut and blow dry is £49 (and before you go wooooah at the price, bare in mind this is in central London).

I was really happy with how my hair turned out, it was styled in a relaxed curly style (which somewhat survived the snow storm on the way back home) which I think really suited the beach-y highlights. I would certainly go back to a Rush salon, I'd recommend checking the website as well, there are always a lot of deals on (link here)

LV x
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  1. Your hair looks lovely! I'm an accidental ombré too, so I'll have a little look on their website x

  2. Wow complete hair envy! You look gorgeous! :) xx

  3. Looks gorgeous and sounds like a great salon :) x

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! :) I want a cut like that but I have yet to find someone who knows what I want when I tell them. Quite frustrating, actually.

  5. Looove The Hair - booth colour and waves really suit you :) x

  6. Love the hair.. Quite jealous! :)
    I did think 'woah' at the price, but forget everything is double the price down

  7. This looks gorgeous:)! x


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