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Lifestyle: Bottlegreen Pomegranate and Elderflower Cordial

So last week (whilst I was internet-less) I had my 23rd birthday. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't very excited. As every year passes I feel more and more inclined to assess what I have achieved and urgh by this point I thought I would be rich, successful and going out with a Ryan Gosling look a like. But hey ho, at least I have my friends, family and a job - can't complain. 

So whilst celebrating my getting older, I tried out making myself a Pomegranate, Elderflower and Cava cocktail with the Bottlegreen Pomegranate and Elderflower cordial* (buy here). It was delicious! I love anything with elderflower in it and the pomegranate went so well with bubbles - plus it makes it pink (super girly). It was nice to have something a little different for drinks, and there was hardly any effort involved. Also if you don't drink alcohol it also tastes great with ice and soda water. YUM! 

LV x
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  1. Oh my gosh, I was feeling the same way for my birthday this year...I feel like such a failure in life (even though I know I'm not), but seriously, I thought that by now I, too, would've been more successful and going out with a Zac Efron look alike :P

    Anyway, I'm sure we'll get to where we want in a few years time. Life is crazy weird like that. You look gorgeous in the picture, by the way. x

  2. I am a massive fan of elderflower cordial - I can jsut rarely afford to buy it! You've definitely tempted me to get some again though haha :)

    The pomegranate & elderflower version you tried is sounding pretty tasty in particular!

    Robyn Mayday

  3. I know this is a really old post, but I absolutely love your dress here - Can I ask where it's from? xxx

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