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Lifestyle: Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas (and an excuse to show off my Christmas jumpers, yes I wore both today).
As I'm back home for the festivities I have the luxury of internet so there may be a few blog posts over the next couple of days, who knows! But as of next weekend I will be back into the internet-free wasteland of South London. Boo.
Anyway - today I have chopped and peeled veg, brought last minute Christmas presents, spent a sweet fortune on the Topshop sale and made my head hurt trying to work out how long we need to cook the turkey for. Tomorrow I am looking forward to eating a traditional Terry's Chocolate Orange for breakfast, opening all my presents in the space of 5 minutes, cultivating a massive food baby and then watching Downton Abbey. 'Mazing.

Have a lovely Christmas Day tomorrow everyone!

LV x
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