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Skincare: Radox Gift Spa Set

Radox Gift Spa Set £7.50*

Ever since it has gotten colder I have loved having relaxing evening baths. At university they were one of the things I missed the most. At home I've even been able to set it up so I can watch a film on my laptop at the same time (ultimate decadence). So needless to say I think this Radox Spa Gift set is a pretty ideal Christmas present. It comes with a bath soak, a shower cream and two cute candles so you can create a calm and relaxing bath time - such a good idea.

The fragrance is lovely and girly and it's pink - a great present idea for mums, sisters, friends, secret santas etc. You can pick up this set from Asda.

LV x
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  1. Wow this set looks really pretty, I adore Radox products and I like the little candles it comes with :)


  2. I love the scent of that set it's gorgeous :) Snuggling in a hot bath is the best!
    Love Holly x

  3. Wow!!! Great idea! This set looks interesting. I wanna try it out and see what it do to my skin. I am also curious about its scent.


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