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Make-up: Front Cover True Colours Kit

Front Cover True Colours Kit £25.00*

Kits like this always remind me of Christmas, I guess because they are normally given as presents. When I was trying it out I felt like I was getting ready for a Christmas party (needless to say I'm feeling rather festive at the moment!).

This kit is focused on 'light and contrast' which I interpreted as lots of smokey eyes basically. The choice of eye shadows is great with a nice mixture of matt and shimmer-y shades - perfect for wearing together and on their own. They can also be used as liner when you mix them with a little water (that is what is lining my eyes in the above picture). The kit comes with a rounded shader brush, an eye mini blender brush, a creamy eye pencil with a smudger on the end and a double ended mascara - basically everything you need for an eye look.

The kit also contains a range of lip colours and two nail varnishes. Personally I don't really like the lip colours so much as they are a little plasticy but the colour pay off is actually quite good. It is the eye make-up that really steals the show with this kit though, the brushes are a good quality and the is such a good choice of colours. Plus it comes with a little booklet that gives you tutorials on how to do loads of different looks.

My above look is all done with the True Colours kit, what do you think?

LV x
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  1. Love the colors for fall!

  2. OMG!!! I super love the colors! They look light and natural. I also love the packaging for its looks extraordinary.

  3. I love that Make-up I need to begin a creamy eye.

  4. Tagged you in my blogger tag!!!


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