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Lifestyle: New Glasses

I gots myself some new eyewear. Oh yer, did I forget to say I am so so blind? It's ridiculous and I normally wear contacts but I thought it was time for some decent glasses. I got these two from and they are both London Retro glasses. I paid for these glasses myself by the way, a fair £67 for both, I just wanted to share them with you guys.

What do you think? Chic or geek? (cringe) Who else is blind?

LV x
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  1. love the first pair they're beautiful and really suit you ! xx

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  3. PRETTY GLASSES, PRETTY FACE. Is that £67 TOTAL? That is excellent. Love your secret admirer. X

  4. I'm blind, love these -CHIC! X

  5. They look awesome on you. Im blind too lol but Im never seen in blog pics with my glasses on for some reason:)

    Sara xx

  6. These are so cool, they really suit you :D The second pair are my favourite :)
    Love Holly x

  7. These look great on you! I really fancy a big pair of geek glasses, but I refuse to buy those ones with clear lenses. I was due an eye check up, so told myself I could have a pair if my need for glasses had increased. No such luck :( x

  8. Those first ones are my absolute favorites! They look awesome on you! I, too, am "blind"...I can't see far away at all. I got my first pair of glasses about 6 years ago and I've been very bad, as I have not been to an eye doctor since. Oops!

  9. Glasses really suit you!
    I'm blind-ish in my right eye.. it's actually just lazy.. but mkes my left work harder so that's getting lazy too.. :/ I have some lovely FCUK glasses from good ole
    I only wear them first thing on a morning for work as practically live looking at a computer..


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