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Nails: w7 Nail Polish in Fluorescent Pink

w7 Nail Polish (Fluorescent Pink)*

Just a super quick post of my favourite nail polish at the moment, this amazingly bright..verging on colour. Ahh it is amazing, someone at work described it as Barbie pink which sums it up nicely. 
You can pick up w7 from selected Peacocks for just a couple of pounds - perfection.

So today I went to the Mr Brainwash (of Exit Through the Gift Shop fame) exhibition in London. Although we had to queue for about two hours, it was a really good exhibition - plus it was free. I'm going to do a post about it in a couple of days so I'll tell you more about it then.

Now I'm getting ready to watch the Men's 100m final!

LV x
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  1. Louise, I love your hair in your video! How do you get it like that? :)

  2. I wrote a blog post about my top favourite blogs in which I mentioned your blog. Have a look :)

  3. i love bright nails! :) looks great. just found your blog and already loving it!wanna follow each other?let me know what you think:)x

  4. Lovely colour! Brightens up a dull day. xx

  5. Nice bright colour!


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