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Make-up: DuWop Iced Teas

DuWop Iced Teas Ruby Grapefruit and White Peach £15.00*
These little lip balms are pretty nifty and they look really cool - like solid jellies. They are really nourishing and feel really lush on your lips. Although they don't actually give any colour they do give a lovely translucent and subtle shine. What is the best thing about them is the scent and taste (weird I know). The fruit scents are really strong and..well delicious - especially the White Peach yum! They then have a really nice sweet taste when they are on your lips (I realise this sounds kind of odd). I know some people aren't big on smells and tastes with their make-up but I think it really nice! DuWop is available on

LV x
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  1. These look lovely, and I'm starting to fall in love with lip jellies I think they are so cute. Great review hun :)


  2. i have similar one from Loreal, but i really don't love it.. it doesn't have any smell and it doesn't taste good.

  3. ooo these look interesting will have to try these especially the peach one x

  4. these sounds pretty good, actually... I'd love to try them myself too. :) x

  5. They look lovely, but so expensive!

  6. Those look so cool! Wish they were available in the US.


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