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Nails: Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Porcelain

Oh god my nails look awful here. I get such dry areas around the nail - no amount of home manicures seem to improve it. But anyway, just a quick post to show this lovely nail colour.
It's a lovely peachy nude, I like it as it's more yellow based than pink (I have way too many pink based colours). Needs just two coats to make a nice opaque colour. It also lasted pretty well, only after 5 days did it start to chip - I was quite impressed. 

Also, just wanted to mention two new blogs from two lovely ladies from my university course. 
The first is House of Hodgepodge (link here) - amazing nail art and great vintage finds. 
The second is The Graduate Game (link here) -  an entertaining and personal blog about a graduate's search for employment.

Actually there is another lovely lady from my university course who also had a great fashion blog, Girl Next Door Fashion (link here) is already pretty successful but check it out if you haven't already. 

Now, as I've just spammed you with blog links it is only fair for you to do the same - please leave your links in the comments section. Love finding new blogs!

LV x

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  1. I'm a sucker for a nude nail and this is just gorgeous x

  2. I love this colour!

  3. This colour looks so lovely on you! Really wish i had longer nails so i could experiment more with colours! Just found your blog and LOVE it :)

    Temi xo

  4. Love the idea of a blog about a graduate trying to find a job, I know how hard it can be!

    My blog is:

    Hope you like

  5. I love this colour! Iv been wanting to try it for a while, its so pretty! I found you on twitter bbloggers and iv started following you :) please check out mine, would be much appreciated :)
    Maddie xox


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