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Make-up: Going for Gold

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, w7 Flirty Eyes Mascara (Black), w7 Metallic Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner (Gold), No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil (Brown)

Please excuse the cheesy title but after that AMAZING opening ceremony I am very much in the Olympic spirit. So here is my tribute, an experiment into gold/bronzy eye make-up. Normally I only ever wear neutrals and browns on my eyes so this is quite a leap for me. 

I used my MUA palette and a lovely w7 gold liquid liner for my lids and a No7 brown eyeliner for the lower lash line. I was surprised by how well the liquid eyeliner stood out, it looked like gold foil which was pretty cool! I was also trying out a W7 mascara which I will be doing a proper review on shortly. 

P.S please forgive my shambolic looking eyebrows. 

LV x

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  1. that looks gorgeous on you!! you should wear gold more often xx

  2. This is amazing!! Soo pretty. :]
    <3 Laura x x


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