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Make-up: Liquid Eyeliner Flicks

Ahh liquid eyeliner, one of the trickiest make-up items I have in my collection but probably one of my most used. Once the flick is (semi) mastered, I find liquid eyeliner flicks quicker and longer lasting than eyeshadow so I use it quite a lot. I have my own little technique when it comes to applying so I thought I'd share it with you.

I first load up the brush with the liquid liner, making sure the product is evenly distributed (the liner itself does have a brush but I find it really hard to use). I then draw a line along my lash line, getting as close to the lashes as possible. Although you can't really tell in the above photo, I make the line in the middle of my eye slightly fatter and the inner and outer of the line thinner.

I then put two little dots on the outer side of my eye. These dots can go any where, depending on how dramatic you want the flicks to be. The higher and further away from the lash line they are, the more dramatic the flicks. As these dots are places quite high, the resulting flicks with be quite dramatic and thick. 


This part was hard to photograph so you'll have to make do with my explanation. From the bottom of the already drawn line draw a diagonal line to the dot. Then from about a quarter from the end of the line draw another diagonal line to the dot (this one will be steeper). You should then have drawn a little triangle, fill this in with little strokes to blend it in with the lash line and that will become the flick! 

So I hope that made some sort of sense. I also tried filming a video to explain this but that didn't work either. Maybe another time. I'd love to know any other techniques people have! 

LV x
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  1. I have the hardest time with liquid eyeliner, I'll have to try it your way sometime.

  2. Cat eye suits you :)

  3. Perfect flick - definitely suits you!! Xx

  4. It's really interesting to see how you create your flicks and do your liquid eyeliner. I wear mine every day but still feel like I'm pretty poo at applying it so I'll try these techniques and see how I get on :D
    Love Holz oxo

  5. I need to learn how to use liquid eyeliner so this is really helpful. I normally just stick to kohl since the couple of times I've tried with liquid stuff it just goes everywhere. I have a cheapy one at home though so over summer that's my new mission (: xx

  6. These are great tips, thanks! The liner look so pretty on you! I usually just start in the inner corner of my eye with a thin line and try to make a straight line all the way through and just make a thicker line towards the outer edges... sometimes it works, sometimes I have to start over.If I mess up, I just cover it up with a light colored eyeshadow and give up for the day, haha

  7. Great tips, your flicks are so neat! xxx


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