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Make-up: INIKA

Certified Organic Pure Primer £28.50*, Mineral Foundation Power (03 Unity) £22.55*, All Natural Mineral Bronzer (02 Sunkissed) £19.40*, All Natural Mineral Eyeshadow (Honeycomb) £11.75*
So recently you may have seen a post I did about my search for hair care that was more on the natural side. Well I've had the same feelings about make-up. When you think about, it does seem bizarre that we don't often think that much of the chemicals that we put on our skin. So I was lucky that I got the chance to try out some INIKA products, which make natural make-up (a list of all the things they don't include is one their website here). 

Certified Organic Pure Primer £28.50 - Primers have had such a serge in popularity recently, haven't they? I'm a big fan, anything that can make my foundation look better and still on longer is a winner for me. The bottle has a handy pump and the primer itself is a white lotion. When applied to the skin, it doesn't quite make your skin feel as velvety soft as some other primers however this doesn't seem to effect how the product works. My foundation went on noticeably easier but the best part was how it make my make-up last longer. I hate when my foundation fades in certain areas (I get it mostly on my cheeks and chin - weird) and this primer really makes a difference. I definitely feel I don't have to touch up as much. 
The price is quite high, but I'd point out that quite a lot of high end primers are similarly priced. I think the natural and ethical background may swing a few people on the price, I can imagine it is quite hard to find natural products that produce results.

Mineral Foundation Power (03 Unity) £22.55 - This was my first try of mineral foundation, I like my coverage so I nearly always use liquid with powder to set. I love the idea of mineral foundation, a light powder that provides coverage without clogging, however for me it just didn't work on its own. However I do think this is because of my skin, my skin tone is too  uneven and I've had quite a few recent breakouts. It just doesn't quite cut the mustard with my skin. HOWEVER I love this as a setting powder (that doubles as some extra coverage as well), it is great to use to mattify after applying foundation and it really helps to make my foundation last longer. It feels lovely and light and doesn't 'cake' or look too overdone. I think this would be great as a foundation for someone with slightly clearer skin . 

All Natural Mineral Bronzer (02 Sunkissed) £19.40 - So this is my new favourite bronzer. It is this nicest colour but I think the key is that it is powder form. It makes such a difference in application, much easier to blend and leaves a lovely natural flawless finish. I hope you can see it in action in the photos above. The only thing I find I have to be careful about is loading up my brush evenly as the pot is a little smaller than my 150 MAC Powder Brush - other than that thought it is pretty perfect!

All Natural Mineral Eyeshadow (Honeycomb) £11.75 - This is a lovely, simple eyeshadow - great for a base. The shade is a neutral beige with a very slight shimmer. It is quite subtle but you can see it if you look carefully in the photos over. I was worried that, as it was in powder form, that it would drop when I used it (as in it would end up all on my cheek) but  it didn't at all which was great. Not much more I can say about this product, it's a great staple - I really like using it under my eyeliner. 

So my first experience of natural make-up was really good, my two favourites have to be the primer and bronzer - so lovely. What are your guys thoughts on natural make-up?

Also thanks for wishing me luck with my first day, it was really well - I'll be working on the PR accounts for a beauty and homeware brands which I'm really excited about. 

LV x
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  1. This eyeshadow looks lovely, I've been looking in to more natural skincare too but for some reason never thought about makeup! x


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