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Lifestyle: Grad Ball

Hello there, feels like I haven't written a blog post for a while so here is one to explain my absence. I was up in Birmingham in for a couple of days as it was my Grad Ball. I did a post a while back asking for some help deciding my dress, thank you for all your input - as you can see I went with the winning dress. Unfortunately it pissed it down raining on the night, which was a bit annoying. At first I was trying to keep myself as dry as possible, cowering under my umbrella but after I while I just gave up. Hence some nice drenched photos below, of me embracing the rain and the consequences it had on my hair. 

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I relaxed for one day when I got back home but now it's onto the next. I start my job tomorrow, which is both scary and exciting. I'll be getting up at the bright time of 6.30am! I'm trying to schedule some posts now, but I hope to get into a routine of blogging eventually. So yes, for the moment my posts may be a little up in the air but hopefully everything should settle down soon.

LV x
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  1. You look beautiful! Good luck with your new job x

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I saw your instagram photos :) Good luck with your first day tomorrow x

  3. Love your dress and shoes!

  4. Aw that outfit is so lovely :)
    You look gorgeous :)
    Good luck at work :)

    Laura xoxo

  5. Ahh my best friend just graduated Birmingham uni and I know she had a great time at the Grad Ball! But said the same the same; such a shame it was raining all day! You look lovely hope you had a good time! x


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