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Jewellery: Silver Rings and Bracelets

Rings (left to right) - Forever 21 Battered Ring, Ebay Cross Ring, Ebay Amber Ring, Forever 21 Large Ring
Bracelets - Cutey Cham Key Bracelet*, (two other bangles were gifts) 

Are these photos too big? I can't tell - opinions would be gratefully received. Anyway here is a little post about my silver jewellery collection (when I say silver, I mean silver in colour ha!). I've amassed this little collection over the years - from a whole mixture of places. I remember a while back (when Lily Allen first came out) when it was all about gold jewellery and silver was kind of forgotten about. I love that there seems to be room for both now a days! 

Ever since I started reading blogs, about two years ago, I've always lusted after those bloggers who have amazing silver rings on every finger. This is my attempt at recreating that look. 

What do you guys think?

LV x
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  1. Photos are a perfect size, I like big pictures so I can see the fine detailing on them :) Also I love that red stone ring you're wearing, where's that one from? I hope its not expensive, I seem to be cursed with losing expensive jewellery, especially rings!


  2. The photos are a perfect size :) I also really like silver jewellery, I don't tend to wear a lot of rings but I do have a silver & moonstone ring which I love! Nice collection x

  3. Love the amber ring - beautiful!!

  4. I love the silver bangles/bracelets! Such gorgeous jewellery!

    Zoe xx

  5. Absolutely love the amber ring! x

  6. Amazing jewels and nails girl!
    Hannah xo

  7. I think the photos are a great size! Not too big not too small but just right!

  8. Great photo size and love the jewellery

  9. Just gone through your blog and find it very interesting. I must say you have very nice collection.!

  10. A part of you...

  11. My God! These pieces are absolutely brilliant! The black swan version is exactly that – it evoked moving images of the movie when I first saw it!

    Anillos de diamantes

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