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Jewellery: Gold Arm Party

Gold Shamballa Bracelet - £18.99*
Gold Casio Watch - £29.95
Other Gold Bangles - sorry no idea, they are old! 
I've seen a lot of these 'arm parties' recently in fashion magazines and other blogs and I think it's a really nice summer-y look. I decided to go for a strictly gold one, although I love colourful arm parties I thought my top and nails could count as the 'colour'. 
I was inspired to throw a little arm party by a lovely gold sparkly Shamballa bracelet (highest on my arm) that was kindly given to me to review from the online jewellery store Cutey ( I've fallen in love with it, it's so pretty and sparkly but not too overly girly. To complete my arm party I raided my jewellery boxes and got all those random bits and pieces of gold that I had lurking around and layered it all up. Pretty simple, and I personally think it looks really nice.  

What do you guys think? I'm going to try out a silver one in a couple of days. But talking of parties, I hope everyone has a lovely Jubilee weekend being all patriotic and waving flags etc. I am bucking the trend and going to an American themed party tonight (two of my friends are off to America for a month) but come Saturday I will be in full British mode!

Oh also if you want to follow Cutey or like them on Facebook here are their details:

LV x

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  1. loving the jewellery, especially the watch!xo

  2. Those are some really cool pieces!

  3. I love your shamballa bracelet, it look great with your watch too :)

  4. I love the colour of the shamballa bracelet, its really unusual! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    1. yer I liked it, not too overly girly! LV x

  5. Love your casio watch, such a cute stack!

    We'll be waving flags ;)

    The Style Rawr!
    Tara (& Jade)

  6. I'm loving the gold, mint, and neon pink mix! x

  7. Hi all,
    Have a nice day.
    Gold Jewellery


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