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Clothes: Topshop Mint Skirt

skirt1_effected skirt3_effected
Topshop T-Shirt -  £14.00
Topshop Skirt - £30.00
Forever21 Necklace
H&M Shoes
Yet again I'm in need of some help making a decision! I picked up this skirt from the Topshop sale the other day and I'm not too sure about it now. It was £30 (down from £58) and I think it is really pretty but do you guys think I'll get much wear from it? I'm always worried about spending money on things that are pretty put not practical and I fear this may be one of those items. Thoughts, as always, are very much appreciated! 

So I've had two weeks at my new job now and I'm really enjoying it. This week I got to hang around at Vogue House for a bit which was pretty nice - helping to organise some beauty journalist pamper sessions. For the most part however I am doing slightly less glamourous things at my desk...but quite a lot of it involves beauty things yay! 
Ha as I wrote that I just got quite excited that I have a desk, that sounds so grown up. I keep on swinging from loving and embracing being out of university and working to suddenly wanting to be back at school again ha. I hope that is natural...

So anyway, I hope everyone has had a nice weekend and is looking forward to a new week. I've made a little pact with myself to use twitter and instagram more, so if you fancy it perhaps give me a follow: @louiseprkr and my instagram name is 'louiseprkr'

LV x

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  1. such a lovely outfit! your hair is gorgeous :) congrats on the job! x

  2. Keep it - it's great for summer as you are wearing it in the picture, and in winter it'll look great with tights, black shoes and a big fur coat! X

  3. love the skirt - that's the first thing that caught my eye! i think it'd look good in the daytime with a slouchy vest or night dressed up with heels :) you look lovely <3

  4. i love it!! and it suits you so well.. i'd say 'keep it'! :) love your blog!

  5. I love this look, and I adore your skirt. I think this is something that can be used for both day and night so you should get your wear out of it :)


  6. Love love this skirt!

  7. aww I love your skirt! But it's practically out of stock online now :(.

    you look lovely. New follower!

  8. Stunning!


  9. Love the skirt, I think you should keep it! If you don't send it my way!! x

  10. :O omg I love that skirt, it's stunning and what a good price! I deffo think you should keep it as it looks beautiful on you and I think it'll be versatile. It looks like you can dress it up or down and it's so pretty!! I'm on the hunt for some new skirts at the minute, I found an amazing one the other day but they didn't have it in my size typically :(
    Love Holz oxo

  11. Gorgeous, you hair is very Lauren Conrad esk :-)

  12. Def keep it it's gorgeous :) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog xxx


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