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Nails: Essie Eternal Optimist

So here is my first nails post. I do wear nail polish quite often but I'm pretty impatient so hate waiting around for my nails to dry and I also hate getting chips. So to combat these two annoyances I have made myself my own little nail routine. 

I start with a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty (£5.25) for the base coat. This dries really fast so in under a minute I am able to put on a coat of Essie - Eternal Optimist (£7.99). This shade needs two coat to be really opaque but the colour is a really nice dusty pink-y nude. I then pop on another coat of the Double Duty as a top coat which really keeps the chips at bay. Now this is when this magical nail dryer in a can comes along. 321 Dry (£5.99) is something I bought in America (where they do nails so much better than the UK!) but you can pick it up on Amazon. I'm sure it is filled with awful chemicals, but basically you spray it on your nails and it speeds up the drying process - magic! 


LV x

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  1. I love that colour, it is so pretty :)
    I use Sally Hansen Insta-dry which is similar to that can, but the can looks much more fun haha!

    Laura xoxo

    1. Ooo I def want to try the insta-dry now! LV x

  2. This week I have walked past Essie in my local boots three times and felt so underwhelmed by their shades..then whenever I come on here I see gorgeous post on my dashboard! This is such a beautiful colour, I think next time I need to look at isolated polishes rather than the collection as a whole x

    1. My boots doesn't have them yet :( but yer I'd give one shade a go - personally I really like them LV x

  3. Wooow Your polish nail is great :) I love it!
    Check out my blog and if you like it, let me know if You'll want to follow each other :D xox Vicky

  4. That's a really pretty colour! :) xo


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