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Make-up: My Face - Foundation

So a little introduction to me and my make-up habits. I am crazy pale, like always the lightest on the scale of foundations pale. It's annoying as I don't think it suits me like it does others but hey-ho it's nothing some fake tan can't fix. I also don't have the best skin tone, I get red patches around my nose and dark circles that are the bane of my life (more on that in a future post). Last but not least, I get small break outs and I have big pores. 
This all means that I am not one of those people who can not wear foundation. It also means that I like my foundation to be medium to full coverage (if not just full). 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover (11 Very Light) £26.50 - So talking of full coverage, this has to be the king of coverage. When I went to buy it the lady at the counter said that people use it to cover up tattoos, I don't think she was joking. To me this foundation is a dream, it basically gives you the best and most even base to then put on the rest of your face. You only need to use a little and it lasts pretty much the whole day. The only downside I find with it is the application. I used a Bobbi Brown face blender brush as I found that using a regular foundation brush made the application too heavy (even for me). It also needs to be applied quite fast otherwise it 'sets' (no joke) and it won't budge. I bought it in the winter therefore I was the palest of the pale so as I'm using fake tan a bit more at the moment I often mix it with...

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15) £19.50 -  This is the only MAC foundation I have ever used and I think it is great. I alway like the range of shades that MAC stocks, unsurprisingly I am their lightest. Le sigh. I also like how they come in either pink or yellow based shades, mine is the yellow tone. I personally think they are more flattering, regardless of your skin tone. I know that Bobbi Brown foundations are only made in yellow tones so must be good. Any way, I really like the consistency of this foundation as it's very blendable - I am able to apply it with my fingers if needs be and it looks fine. The coverage is medium to full which covers really well. The one thing I would say is that, for me, it doesn't seem to last all day - particularly on my oily bits (nose, forehead and cheeks).

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Power (004 Sandstorm) £3.99 - Finally I use this pressed power on top of my foundation. It's cheap and cheerful compared to my foundations, I have tried MAC pressed powders before and I don't really see much difference. The only thing you do get with higher end products is the chance to be colour matched - I'm really bad at doing this myself. But after using this a number of years I think I have the colour down (again a yellow tone). I use it to set and mattify my foundation (I think dewy foundation just looks greasy on me) and then use it throughout the day to get rid of my oily patches. To set I use a fluffy MAC 150 power brush and to blot during the day I use a little make-up sponge. 

Before and After 

As you can see, my foundation and power really evens out my skin tone and covers my blemishes pretty well. Please ignore my weird facial expression, it was early. 

So there you are, my face + foundation and power. Next...concealer. 

LV x

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  1. I'm ridiculously pale as well, it's really difficult to find make-up that matches my skin colour. I'd been using a max factor powder for ages which I loved but it just suddenly started looking too dark for my skin :( I've recently started using the rimmel powder which you use, I use the shade 'pink blossom' which is a perfect match for my skin. I don't think it gives as good coverage as the max factor one does but it's half the price :)
    I'm yet to try a mac product but I always hear rave reviews about their foundations!
    Love Holz oxo

    1. Aw a pale buddy! I feel your pain ha. When you need a new foundation I think you should head to a MAC counter and get matched with one of their foundations...they seem to have the perfect colour for everybody.
      LV x

  2. These products are very good for the face foundation.


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