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Oh Hey 2017

This time last year, I thought I was going to be buying a flat in a matter of weeks with my then boyfriend. Seeing as I've just described him as my 'then boyfriend', no prizes for guessing that that didn't quite work out. It meant that I spent the beginning of 2016 basically freaking out about what the hell I was doing with my life. 

I sulked off back home to my mum's, cried at work (embarrassing), didn't eat for about two weeks (which for me, is unheard of - food is the best) and thought I'd have to start from scratch. I thought I'd have to leave Brighton (I'd moved with my boyfriend, knowing pretty much no one), leave my job which I loved and have to bankrupt myself again by moving to London (no offence London, but you are hella expensive). 

But here I am in January 2017, still in Brighton, still at my job (with a promotion under my belt), living in a beautiful house with beautiful housemates, surrounded by more people that care for me than I could have thought possible 12 months ago. In March I will have lived in Brighton for two years, but really I think I only properly started living here the day I moved into my new house. Without sounding too wanky, I've actually felt myself these past 12 months - and I'd kinda forgotten what that felt like. 

Last year, I may have neglected my blog a little but I was putting myself back together one little bit at a time. I travelled to new places, climbed a mountain in Bali, drank delicious red wine in Tuscany, took my mum to her first Airbnb in Lisbon, made a bunch of amazing friends, went on Tinder and didn't hate it (seriously!), saw some of my favourite artists play live, got a promotion at work, starting looking for flats to buy of my own, got fit and started running (and actually liked it) and just had a blast. 

They say you get older and wiser, but by no means am I wise. I frequently go to bed with my make-up on, think it's an excellent idea to drink and text and don't read nearly enough books. However, a series of ups and downs over the years has made me realise that I can deal with a lot more shit than I'd previously thought. So 2017, I am so ready for you. 

Coat - M&S // Jumper - White Company // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Aldo

Why You Need To Visit Bali In 2017

If you were following me on Instagram around about spring last year, you might have seen that I went on a trip to Bali with my bestie. After a rough start to 2016, we wanted to escape to somewhere beautiful and exotic for two weeks and Bali seemed to tick all the boxes. I may have been a little slow to share the details with you guys, but seeing as it's the beginning of the year and lots of people are thinking of where they want to on holiday I thought I'd share how I spent my two weeks - maybe it'll inspire you to take a trip this year!

I'm going to split these posts up as otherwise they'll get a little picture heavy! Check back in the next coming days for posts on Ubud and the Gili Islands - but first, here's a little on Seminyak. 

Seminyak - 4 days

We started our trip in Seminyak, which is about a half an hour taxi drive away from the airport so it's totally feasible to go there straight after landing. Seminyak is just up from Kuta (which doesn't have the best of reputations - think Magaluf) and although it doesn't feel like the most authentic Balinese place, it was a great place to start our trip. We stayed at The Dipan Resort which was a short walk to the beach and just down the road from the W Hotel and the Potato Head Beach Club.

If you're looking for somewhere 'easy' to start your trip in Bali, this is the place. It feels pretty Austrailian and the prices for food and drink seem to match, this was the most expensive place on our trip (though, still cheaper than London prices). It's also pretty quiet, at least at the end of Seminyak we were staying in - so of you're more of a dinner and drinks kinda person then this would probably suit you.
Talking about dinner and drinks, here are a few of the places we went to that I recommend you check out -

W Hotel - for swanky (and not cheap) cocktails on the beach
Potato Head Beach Club - for all day lazing, eating and drinking. We were lucky enough to have a day bed saved for us, but normally it's a turn-up and put your name down kind of affair so I suggest getting there before lunch if you're looking to lounge.
Bambu - the priciest meal we had the whole trip, but it was amazing! Gorgeous setting and delicious food.
Sisterfields Cafe - quite Aussie style breakfast place, gets busy but perfect for breakfast with a sore head from the night before
Cafe Organic - if you want those Instagram-able acai bowls, this is the place!
La Favela - the liveliest places we went to in Seminyak (I think it was off season, so the whole place seemed a little quieter), a fun bar with lots of dancing (and a lot of Aussies and Brits!)
Seminyak was a great first stop off for our trip, it's easy to see why so many Australian's pop over here for some winter sun. Like I said, it's not the most authentic place in Bali by a long shot (I reckon for some people it might be a tad too touristy) but if you're looking for nice bars, big beaches and yummy food it's a great place to visit as part of your trip. I'll be posting about what we got up to in Ubud and the Gili Islands in the next couple of days so watch this space.

That Aviator Jacket

Bit cold outside isn't it? It's been absolutely freezing in Brighton over the last couple of days and you haven't been able to tear me away from my new aviator jacket from Topshop. I'd be looking for an aviator jacket since last year when there was a distinct lack of high-street versions. So I think I was quite lucky to stumble across this one when I quickly popped into the Oxford Street Topshop as I think it's sold out now (online at least). 

It's seriously the snuggliest thing I own thanks the to the faux fur lining, and although I think that can make it look a tad bulky - if it keeps me warm, I don't really care! The rest of the outfit is pretty much my uniform, lots of grey, black and Converse. I'm actually thinking of getting some sheepskin insoles (yes, these exist) for my Converse, seeing as they provide no warmth whatsoever currently. Anything to keep me from feeling the chill!

Jacket - Topshop // Jumper - Uniqlo // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Converse

Grey On Grey

Say hello to my favourite, most comfortable early-autumn outfit. I feel like I can just about get away with just a chunky jumper for a few more days, before I have to bring my big winter coats out of storage (which I'm secretly quite excited about). This super cosy pale grey number from ASOS is making up the majority of my casual outfits at the moment, it looks amazing with minimal pieces and muted tones. I also love pairing it with my Chole-inspired bag from *drumroll please* Ebay! At £14, it's one of the best bargains I've got my hands on recently and I think I'm a little bit in love. 

I've been on a little bit of a shopping spree recently, so keep your eyes peeled for lots more new posts of autumn/winter goodness. As much as I'm going to miss the summer, I cannot wait for scarfs, chunky jumpers, thick tights and bobble hats. 
Thanks to my beautiful friend Laura from What Laura Did Next who took these photos when we were strolling around the North Laine in Brighton (/posing in front of cute grey backgrounds).  

Cardigan - ASOS // Cami - H&M // Bag - Ebay // Jeans - Topshop // Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths


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